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Computer Troubleshooters - Parramatta selected Kerio Operator for its voice offering, because of the synergistic benefits that comes from the administration interface being similar to that of Kerio Connect and Control. Going from any of the Kerio offerings to another makes it easy to deploy and reduces the length of the learning curve.

Kerio Operator is a business phone system designed to simplify voice communications. Using VoIP, it offers advanced phone features typically associated with enterprise phone systems including conference calls/dynamic voice conferences, CRM integration, call forwarding, call pickup, call parking, paging, call recording, ring groups, voicemail to email, fax support, Busy Lamp Field (BLF), auto attendant, and call queues. The Kerio Operator Softphone app for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices lets users take their office phone on-the-go.

Since Kerio Operator utilizes your existing data network with the industry standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to transmit and manage calls, management of the phone system has now shifted from a phone expert to the IT administrator. It has an intuitive web interface so that previously expensive basic and common tasks like adding/changing/deleting office phone extensions can be done quickly and without expert help. It's now much more practical and affordable for a small business to sound big.

Easy and Rapid

Fast administration from the desktop or a tablet with Kerio Operator’s intuitive webbased interface with simple deployment in any IT environment through hardware, software and virtual options


Protect your phone system from hacking, malicious attacks and abuse by users with advanced security features

Kerio Operator 3230 Box

Lower operating expenses significantly through reduced management overhead

Feature Rich

Enterprise-class functionality including auto attendant, call queues conference calling, call forwarding, parking, pickup, recording and more